We invite you to experience for yourself the difference between our optical department and others you may have been to in the past. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will find a professional staff that is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and fashionable eyewear for all your vision needs.  We carry eyewear for children as well as adults, including frames for sports activities.

Our highly trained optical staff is always up-to-date on the newest technology. We offer digital lenses from Varilux, Transitions brand adaptive lenses, and polarized lenses for your glasses' prescription. Our inventory of frames continually changes to reflect what is current in the world of fashion.

Center For Sight recommends UV protection on eyewear to all of our patients. The sun can harm your eyes and cause irreversible damage. We have a wonderful selection of sunglasses from which to choose.

Polarized lenses are the best choice for eliminating blinding glare caused by sunlight on any surface, especially water, windshields, and snow. Polarized lenses are also available as a convenient clip-on or fit-over (cocoon) to fit most frames.

Our in-house finishing lab provides a distinct advantage for our patients at Center For Sight. It is our assurance to you of the highest quality product with a timely turnaround.



People choose to wear contacts instead of glasses for a variety of reasons: convenience, aesthetics, ability to wear non-prescription sunglasses, and participation in sports activities. Patients who are very near sighted, far sighted, or have astigmatism correction may find that vision with contacts is better than vision with glasses.  Center For Sight offers our patients a wide variety of contact lenses:  soft (daily/weekly/monthly/disposable); gas permeable; astigmatism correcting (toric); and multi-focal (for bifocal lens wearers).  We prescribe and fit contact lenses for patients with special needs, including bandage lenses to help heal corneal eye injuries, keratoconus correcting lenses, corneal reshaping lenses (CRT) to control and correct nearsightedness so glasses are not needed for distance vision, high water content lenses for dry eye patients, and specialty eye color changing/enhancing lenses.  

A good contact lens fit starts with a detailed eye exam by Dr. Newman.  This exam provides a current refraction with leads to the most accurate contact lens prescription .  Dr. Newman can also determine if the patient has any conditions that could interfere with a successful  contact lens fitting.  To ensure a proper fit of the contacts, measurements, testing and follow-up appointments will be scheduled with our contact lens specialist at a mutually convent time.

At Center For Sight, we pride ourselves in offering the latest technology to ensure your contact lens experience is a great one.  Dr. Newman and the contact lens specialist look forward to working with you soon. 



               Our optical shop accepts Care Credit

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